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Community Development

Ongoing support for seven Community Development Centers in the Arafat, El Mina, and Teyarett districts of Nouakchott. Through these centers Doulos provided support for 65 women’s self-help groups, including providing training in financial management, parenting, and community development. In the Arafat neighborhood Doulos also offered a training program for 20 community health volunteers. In Arafat and El Mina, Doulos supported and supervised 6 community kindergartens serving 130 preschool students, and sponsored two training workshops for 12 kindergarten teachers and teachers aides. Approximately 2000 local families have participated in some way in the activities of the Community Development Centers.
Expansion of our business development training program to help local entrepreneurs launch and manage small business. In 2012 we provided intensive training to 41 local entrepreneurs, and ongoing coaching of 26 previously- trained entrepreneurs, as well as training 5 local trainers to run the business training courses in the future