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Health Education

Running a nutritional rehabilitation program in the Sa’ada neighborhood of Nouakchott, a very poor area of the city with a population of about 24,000 families. In 2012, this program provided nutritional training and medical support to approximately 200 families with malnourished children. In addition the program offered a training program in nutrition and community development to 15 community health volunteers in October 2012. These volunteers conducted home visits to 105 families in the neighborhood to offer basic nutritional teaching and training regarding the importance of good hygiene in preventing disease.

Continued management of two centers to support Talibe boys (Koranic students sent to beg on the streets) in the neighborhoods of Sebkha and Teyarett in Nouakchott. The centers provide regular hot meals, literacy training, vocational training, and opportunities for recreation and sports to approximately 100 of the Talibe boys in Nouakchott. In addition, the program provides school scholarships to 25 of the older boys. In September 2012, the Talibé center in Sebkha hosted a special event, a two day training workshop on personal transformation and community development, attended by 20 of the oldest Talibé boys.